Frequently Asked Questions

OK, so what is Trafeze?

Trafeze is a service that matches solopreneurs who have high volumes of niche traffic (“Traffic Sellers”) with businesses that sell a product or service and want to sell more of it (“Traffic Buyers,” aka “Product Sellers”).

Either type of solopreneur can search for the other through a search feature that finds targeted matches. This connects folks with an audience (website traffic, social followers, email subscribers, etc.) with folks who will pay good money to access that targeted audience. And vice-versa.

Trafeze matching Traffic Seller and Buyer

If you are the “Traffic Seller,” you earn more $-per-visitor than with low-paying models like AdSense & affiliate programs because…

  • Trafeze is free, so you eliminate Google’s 30+% “middleman’s cut,” and
  • You deal directly with the Product Seller, so can customize a higher ROI campaign than “just ads.”

Expand your mix (number and variety) of monetization models and suppliers without developing a new product or service. This diversification not only increases total income, it improves its stability.

Bonus: Never show an objectionable or irrelevant ad again! Good for your audience site experience.

If you are the “Traffic Buyer,” you sell more product or service per promotional dollar, using more than “just ads.” Lead generation, Hello Bars, social media, email marketing… whatever promotional method you can think of, the answer is “yes it’s available”.

You earn more than by buying Google ads because you deal directly with the Traffic Seller (no bidding on the Middleman’s platform). And, of course, you customize your way to higher ROI campaigns, too!

The outcome is a great improvement for all.

What’s the cost?

Free. No fees. No commissions. No commitment. No strings. No tricks. You (Traffic Seller and Buyer) will never pay us a penny. Really.

C’mon, What’s the downside?

This is too good to be true. I mean, how the heck do you make money from Trafeze? There has to be some risk on our part. Come clean - what’s the downside?

Seriously, there is no risk - unless you count the 10 minutes it takes to sign up and create your listing.

If you sign up and change your mind at any time, delete your account. That deletes your listing(s) and email address. It will be like you never registered!

How do YOU monetize?

We are mission-focused, first and foremost. The mission is to increase the income and independence of solopreneurs.

Don’t get us wrong! We’re driven, but not crazy! Trafeze will be profitable, but NOT at your expense. We’ll monetize the way Facebook does (ads), not like eBay (charges the solopreneur for listings).

If we charged you directly (eBay’s approach), you would be in the same vulnerable position that we criticize. We could repeatedly raise the price to you, the way eBay has done!

It would be an angry, oppositional relationship. As solopreneurs ourselves, that is the last thing we want.

Compare eBay’s model to how Facebook monetizes (ads). Charging others for ads costs you nothing. The income enables us to improve our solopreneur monetization tools, without charging you a penny.

Doing business should be a joy. Friendship, loyalty, collaboration - these all matter to us. We want to deal with those who feel the same way.

We’re not in a hurry to monetize, either (well-financed, we can afford to be patient). Trafeze is one of those rare, “once-in-a-decade” concepts - Mark Zuckerberg (movie version of him) said it well…

You really expect me to believe this? It sounds great, but it’s probably just a really clever list-building hack.

Hoo boy! Some Internet marketing pros are pretty cynical… 😀

We get where that comes from. Net marketing professionals have seen it all. Along the way, many have been scammed for hundreds, even thousands, of dollars…

There’s no “angle.” Trafeze is as simple and as big as the animation at the top of this page. Your email address is safe with us, will only ever be used for Trafeze. We couldn’t care less about “list-building,” direct marketing, upselling, yada, yada, yada.

Trafeze isn’t some net marketer’s game. Let’s boil it down…

  • Grow your income and its stability
  • Take back control of your business
  • Free

It’s Net-Changing, Zero risk And It Needs YOU.

Seriously, we’re still talking about this? Trafeze is as high-reward, low-risk as it gets. Just sign up and thank us later. 😀

Why is Trafeze being launched in stages?

These are modern startup best-practices…

  • Be sure a market exists for the product before you develop.
  • Be ready to adjust planned features according to discovered needs.

Nothing is sillier than developing a huge project like Trafeze in its entirety only to discover that the market size is not large enough or the features are wrong. Developing in stages minimizes risk and improves next-stage features before even starting.

Here are the 4 stages…

  1. Stage I - Traffic Sellers test ✓
  2. Stage II - Traffic Sellers join [Launched July 21]
  3. Stage III - Traffic Buyers join, beta-testing starts
  4. Stage IV - Full Trafeze Launch. Open for business!

Who decides when Trafeze goes to STAGE III?

You do! Stage II is now accepting applications from Traffic Sellers. The Target is 5,000 within 2-3 months of launch (public “Scoreboard” soon!).

Reaching that target confirms that there is indeed a need for solopreneurs to earn more income and to take back control of their businesses from BigCo’s.

Is Trafeze a functioning platform yet?

Not yet. Beta-testing starts in Stage III, when there is a large enough base of Traffic Sellers to deliver a satisfactory experience to Traffic Buyers. (See the next FAQ for why it is important NOT to “wait and see.”)

Let’s use an example to illustrate Trafeze’s simplicity and power. Lucy has a luxury vacation business that focuses purely on islands. She assembles groups of 6-12 people and then takes care of everything… itinerary, hotels or villas, food, activities, etc. The only problem?

She hasn’t had the time to build out a website that builds targeted traffic. She has spent a lot of money on “SEO Webmasters” to do that and learned the hard way that they don’t refund you when traffic doesn’t grow.

Having been accepted as a Trafeze “Traffic Buyer,” her search for “Beach vacations, islands” turns up 3 prime high-traffic Traffic Sellers who want to monetize their traffic better…

They don’t have the time to do what Lucy does so well (run an active business selling a time-consuming service). But they sure do have what Lucy needs - large and devoted followings in the right niche.

She views the Listings in more detail (clicks “View Listing”). Then she contacts those with whom she wants to do business. She decides to offer her services to people interested in visiting the Caribbean island of Anguilla. A luxury travel destination, she knowns that some visitors will want a totally pampered experience. Lucy contacts Anguilla Beaches.

The two parties figure out how to build up a profile for Lucy’s business. They decide upon 1 month of an introductory Hello Bar for $1,200 and then a Site Sponsorship at $700 per month, with a Lead Generation form included.

Lucy also contracts Anguilla Beaches ($6,000) to show her the island (off the beaten path), introduce her to the best of each type of service provider, and so forth. Within a week of touring and meetings, Lucy has everything she needs to translate the unique experience she offers to Anguilla.

Anguilla Beaches website

It would cost Lucy substantially more to reach this audience though Google Ads. And she would never receive the halo effect of the relationship with Anguilla Beaches. Nor could AdSense generate this much income for the website, not when you consider Anguilla Beaches’ 7 other Site Sponsors (each of whom also receive social mentions in a dominating Anguilla presence at each of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram).

As Trafeze Grows
Through Stages III (Beta) and IV (Full Launch)…

This scenario will play out in tens,then hundreds and then thousands of niches every day. First, though, we must build a base of Traffic Sellers large enough to provide satisfactory search results for those who want to buy that traffic to increase sales of their products or services.

And on that note, we’re all this together!

To help launch a working platform ASAP, help us spread the word. That brings us to your next question…

Why should I join now? Why not wait?

Great question! Normally, most folks put things off until “later” - no big deal normally. But that kills Trafeze…

So join now and create your Traffic Seller listing.

The faster and bigger that we ALL grow the network…

  • the sooner we reach the critical mass target of 5,000, AND
  • the better the experience of the Traffic Buyers in STAGE III, which is when a functioning platform goes into beta-testing!

Bottom Line? Do not procrastinate. Join now. If accepted, your email will provide you with aids and strategies to reach our target.

Just get started!

Does Trafeze have an affiliate program?

Trafeze is not the type of product that HAS an affiliate program. It IS an affiliate program… and a lead generator… and a Hello Bar, joint venture, etc., etc. It is the ultimate product that earns you income in every way that you can imagine.

Trafeze is also a “team product”…

  • “The team” is all of us - all of us who collaborate to build an entirely new way to grow your solopreneur income.
  • Reaching the “5,000” target is its own reward. We all win as each of us grow the network.

It’s a HUGE win because that is when we know that history is in the making, that Trafeze will change solopreneur monetization! At that point, the “Network Effect" kicks in.

Positive Feedback

Like eBay’s growth, STAGE III will see more Traffic Sellers attracting more Buyers which attracts more Sellers and so on. “Satisfactory” experiences improve to “very good” ones and ultimately to “excellent!”

These positive feedback loops result in ever-accelerating growth. At this point, Trafeze is on its way to delivering YOU new sources of income!

Join now and accelerate launch day!

How do I join?

Click here to register.

Enter first name, email and password, then follow the prompts. Fast and easy!

What is a Traffic Seller Listing?

It’s where you tell prospective business partners about yourself and your business. It’s easy to create, but do take the time to shine! Cover what type of promotional approaches you are willing to offer as well as which niches you cover especially well.

Even though Traffic Buyers do not join during STAGE II, it’s crucial for you to create your Traffic Seller listing now. We can’t advance to the next stage until 5000 Traffic Sellers have been accepted. That is the critical mass required to provide a satisfactory experience to Traffic Buyers who join next.

How much traffic do I need for my Traffic Seller listing to be accepted into Trafeze?

Our proprietary algorithm uses several third party traffic metric sites, considers niche size and other factors. So we can't give you a single absolute "minimum number." That said...

If you have 9-10,000 visitors per month, that should normally make the cut.

The algo is still being sharpened - it's about 98% accurate. If you believe that you fall in "the missing 2%," there is a simple way for you to document your traffic...

Please send a PDF copy of your Google Analytics to It should show the number of visitors you received for the most recent calendar month. If it's high enough, we’ll admit you manually.

One more thing...

This is not a final decision. Even if you do not yet have enough traffic, our algorithm runs monthly. So when your traffic grows sufficiently, we'll let you know that you’re in!

The principles are the same for Traffic Sellers who want to offer social media marketing to those with goods or service to sell, too. Each algorithm for Facebook, Twitter, etc, varies and is rather complicated. If you truly believe that you're in the top 1% of social media marketers for one of the major social sites that we list, just send us your account URL. We'll review it manually.

I sell a product or service. When do I sign up to be a “Traffic Buyer” (aka “Product Seller”)?

THAT’S AN IMPORTANT QUESTION: Traffic Buyers join and complete their listing in Stage III. You can indicate your interest now, though, by joining here. Check the checkbox in the message that follows…

We’ll keep you in the loop. Be among the first Traffic Buyers to beta-test Trafeze!

Can I edit my listing later?

Absolutely. You can consider your first pass to be a first draft if you like. And even if you believe your first attempt is as good as you can make it, come back to it. Fresh eyes can always make previous versions better.

What if I have more than one business?

You can add as many sites/blogs as you like. You’ll find a link in the Dashboard to create additional seller listings.

Each is judged on its own merits.

What does “Provide Services” mean? How would this differ from a service seller?

If your site is accepted as a Traffic Seller, there is a place on your listing where you may also offer specialized services (ex., copywriting, programming) directly to other solopreneurs in the Trafeze network.

This is not the same as a Traffic Buyer who wants to sell his Java programming skills to potential clients worldwide, and who therefore wants to buy exposure to potential clients on the relevant sites of Trafeze Traffic Sellers.

I don’t know how to make business deals. Will you help?

You bet. Trafeze assumes zero business experience. It takes you step-by-step through every possible kind of solopreneur-to-solopreneur arrangement. From making/assessing a proposal, to negotiating a fair (WIN-WIN) deal, and ultimately to the optimal ways to accept payments from anywhere in the world.

Can I use Trafeze and have AdSense on my site?

For sure! There is no reason to change how you are monetizing when you first start with Trafeze. Adjust your monetization mix according to the number and richness of deals that you secure via Trafeze.

For example, a Traffic Buyer may want to sponsor your site via a Hello Bar. This prominent adspace, across the top of every page, may pay better than all of your AdSense Ads together…

Congratulations, but don’t take your Adsense down yet! Enjoy the doubled income until you have a better sense of how well Trafeze will do for you!

Over time, even higher paying opportunities may come along. At some point, you could cut out the middleman (like AdSense) and replace low-paying models with more lucrative ones.

It’s totally up to you! If you need advice, head to the Trafeze Forums. We’re there to help. 😀

How can I help to spread the word about Trafeze?

Glad you asked! Login to Trafeze and head to “Grow Network to Grow Monetization.” You’ll find suggestions for blog posts, social media and email marketing, as well as a charming series of “Catch me at Trafeze” animated gifs.

Use that last group of vids first, to introduce your use of the network to friends, colleagues and associates. Nowadays, everyone either has some sort of online presences, knows someone who does and/or works for or with someone who does.

Grow Trafeze. The bigger the network, well… you know! 😀

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