About Us

Trafeze is dedicated to kicking open the monetization door for solopreneurs everywhere.

We understand solopreneurs because we are solopreneurs…

Independent, passionate, free-spirited, hard-working, caring, curious, creative.

We “TrafEzers” are scattered around the globe. We work where, when, and how we want.

That’s solopreneurism and we love it all… except for monetary unfairness.

Playing a straight hand against a loaded monetization deck is wrong.

The perks of working for yourself mean zilch when the fruits of your labor yield less each year — scraps from Google AdSense or stacked affiliate programs.

That’s what brought us together. And it’s why we invite you to join us in the #SolopreneurRevolution

What else can you do when GiantCo “agreements” make it harder each year to earn fair pay for a click or legit referral?

There has to be a better way for hard-working, time-starved solopreneurs — you, us and the guy and gal down the street.

There are tens of millions of us online — more than most countries. Armed with laptops and mobile…

We deliver the incredible diversity that is the Internet.

We make the vast majority of connections. What if

What if we work together, “solo” but not “alone?”

Apart, we are weak. TOGETHER…

We. Are. Strong.

Join today.