The Solopreneur Revolution Is Here.

Solopreneurs form the vast majority of online businesses. Yet we are powerless when we deal alone with e-giants.

It’s time to come together...

I Have Traffic

I have a website with good traffic. I am well-known in my niche. I should be monetizing my traffic better than I am now. I overly depend on lower paying, passive techniques such as AdSense and affiliate income.

I Need Traffic

I sell products or services. I want to sell more — who doesn’t? I need sharper ways to reach my target market. I seek tailored approaches with higher ROI’s than advertising and affiliate marketing.

Trafeze Connects You. It’s That Simple.

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The Reason…

Many high-traffic solopreneurs monetize passively through “E-Giants” such as Google (ads) and Amazon (affiliate marketing). Product sellers do the reverse, buying ads. Both do so on an unequal footing…

“No better choice. Take it or leave it.”

The outcome is predictably and increasingly unfair. One simple example illustrates…

Sellers of Google ads (on niche-oriented content sites) receive less each year. However, buyers of those exact same ads pay more. Solopreneur income drops while Google‘s grows.

The system is rigged!

The Solution?

Deal-direct through a huge network of verified-successful solopreneurs - highly trafficked sites and quality solopreneur vendors. Cut any kind of deal you like (not just “ads”).

A collaborative process enables you to quickly “get to deal” - fast! And it’s all free - no yearly fee, no commissions.

Result: Solopreneurs do better when they deal 1-on-1 with each other. Giant middlemen take 30%+ of your income. Monetize through a free network that is “of, by and for” solopreneurs.

The Uber of Monetization

Trafeze is much like Uber, which connects “under-monetized automobiles” with passengers who want a faster & cheaper deal than offered by the local taxi monopolies.

Trafeze connects solopreneurs who have something to sell with fellow solopreneurs who are better at building traffic, a strong social presence and/or email lists than they are at monetizing them.

Most do not want the bother of products or dealing with customers. On the other hand, what business would not want to sell more of a good thing to the right audience?

How Does It Work?

Trafeze’s proprietary algorithm pre-screens for solopreneurs who have solid traffic, a strong social presence, and/or a large email reach in their niche. We also verify that those with something to sell are bona fide. Quality solopreneurs only.

Our matching system connects targeted traffic with the right products and services. Those with traffic can reach out to sellers of appropriate goods. And vice-versa. The rating system further guarantees quality-only (think “Uber”).

Trafeze makes the introductions. We provide information and simple agreements to help you “get to deal” cleanly and fairly. Then we step back and leave it to you.

If you strike a deal (of any sort), Trafeze charges no fees or commission. Nothing. Nada.

Trafeze connects solopreneurs of all kinds to squeeze more income out of traffic… with ease.

“Solo” does not mean “alone”. It’s time to leverage our strength in numbers.

Simple, Personal, and Effective. Monetize Your Business Better.

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